+ 20% Vat
Model: Low Profile

Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1,600mm
Height: 950mm
Weight: 128KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,317 litres

The Harlequin range of Bunded Oil Tanks are available from 350 litres, up to 10,000 litre models.  Each tank has been designed and manufactured to exceed the most technical, environmental and regulatory requirements.  Available as a tank only HQi model, tank and tankpack ITE model, or top outlet ITT model. 

A ‘Bunded’ oil tank simply consists of a tank within a tank.  Oil is stored in the inner tank and the outer tank acts as a failsafe so that in the event of a spillage, excess oil will collect in the outer tank – thus averting a pollution incident and costly environmental clean-up operation.

Benefits of a Harlequin Bunded Oil Tank: 
More Options – the full range has 14 options of tank size, a tank to suit every installation requirement.  
Integrally Bunded – designed to protect the surrounding environment, all tanks are bunded preventing pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak.  
Non Corrosive – manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) your Harlequin tank will not corrode. 
10 Year Guarantee – peace of mind that should an issue arise with your tank, Harlequin will be there to help. *10 year guarantee upon registration with Harlequin.   
Meets Regulations – as well as being fully bunded, each tank meets all relevant regulatory requirements. 
Contents Monitoring – each model has a 32mm hole suitable for fitting an electronic gauge. Gauge is standard with ITE and ITT models.

  • Integrally bunded 
  • Bottom outlet with 1″ BSP(F) thread
  • 16″ lockable access lid 
  • 4″ lockable inspection cap 
  • 2″ fill point 
  • 32mm hole with cover for electronic gauge 
  • Ultrasonic contents gauge 
  • Bottom outlet fitting kit 
  • LRC overfill prevention probe
  • Inner tank vent

Cement Base Length: 2,500mm
Cement Base Width: 2,200mm