Height: 2,270mm
Length: 2,800mm
Width: 2,200mm
Capacity: 5,042 litres

BioFuel Stations are manufactured from a special grade of polymer, which make them suitable for storing Biodiesel blends of up to B100 and which can accommodate the specialist features required to store and dispense specialist Biodiesel fuel. BioFuel Stations are the first of a new generation of storage tank, developed specially for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage and dispensing of Biodiesel grades up to B100, which are produced in accordance with BS EN14214 and Irish Standard IS EN14214. Harlequin BioFuel Stations have been designed to meet and indeed, exceed all applicable regulatory requirements. The 5000BFS is ideal for larger, commercial installations and is supplied with the following dispensing features as standard: 6m Delivery hose 240V AC pump Nozzle with automatic shut-off Overfill prevention Lockable access points 10 Micron particualte and water filter Electronic contents gauge Mechanical flow meter

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