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As Harlequin stockists we stock a large range of bunded oil tanks ready for sale, we can also include local delivery within 3 > 5 days. Call or email today for our price and availability. We will normally be back in touch within 1 working day.

Bunded ITE Range  

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1230 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V1230BT
Diameter: 1250mm
Height: 1555mm
Footprint: 1230mm
Weight: 92KG
Brimful Capacity: 1234 litres

1340 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V1340BT
Diameter: 1410mm
Height: 1500mm
Footprint: 1390mm
Weight: 107KG
Brimful Capacity: 1340 litres

2455 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V2455BT
Diameter: 1700mm
Height: 1800mm
Footprint: 1670mm
Weight: 162KG
Brimful Capacity: 2455 litres

3500 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V3500BT
Diameter: 1250mm
Height: 1600mm
Footprint: 2075mm
Weight: 198KG
Brimful Capacity: 3500 litres

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5000 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V5000BT
Diameter: 2120mm
Height: 2300mm
Footprint: 2075mm
Weight: 282KG
Brimful Capacity: 5000 litres

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9400 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso V9400BT
Length: 2450mm
Height: 2800mm
Footprint: 2450mm
Weight: 450KG
Brimful Capacity: 9400 litres

650 litre Bunded Slim Oil Tank - 
Deso SL650BT
Length: 1260mm
Height: 1350mm
Footprint: 600mm X 1210
Weight: 90KG
Brimful Capacity: 650 litres

1000 litre Bunded Slim Oil Tank - Deso SL1000BT
Length: 1890mm 
Height: 1350mm
Footprint: 600mm x 1830mm
Weight: 115KG
Brimful Capacity: 1000 litres

1250 litre Bunded
Slim Oil Tank 
- Deso SL1250BT
Length: 1250mm
Height: 1660mm
Footprint: 640mm x 1990mm
Weight: 132KG
Brimful Capacity: 1250 litres

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1400 litre Bunded 
Slim Oil Tank 
- Deso SL1400BT
Length: 2130mm
Height: 1620mm
Footprint: 630mm x 2100mm
Weight: 161KG
Brimful Capacity: 1450 litres

1200 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso LP1200BT
Length: 2000mm
Height: 930mm
Footprint: 1230mm x 1890mm
Weight: 120KG
Brimful Capacity: 1200 litres

1235 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso H1235BT
Length: 1970mm
Height: 1260mm
Footprint: 1210mm x 1670mm
Weight: 135KG
Brimful Capacity: 1235 litres

1550 litre Bunded Slim Oil Tank - Deso H1550BT
Length: 2000mm
Height: 1500mm
Footprint: 1740mm x 860mm
Weight: 130KG
Brimful Capacity: 1550 litres

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1800 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso H1800BT
Length: 1970mm
Height: 1510mm
Footprint: 1190mm x 1720mm
Weight: 143KG
Brimful Capacity: 1800 litres

2500 litre Bunded Oil Tank - Deso H2500BT
Length: 2300mm
Height: 1450mm
Footprint: 1980mm x 1200mm
Weight: 190KG
Brimful Capacity: 2500 litres


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Option 1 (Included)
Apollo Standard Tank Pack 
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Apollo Visual Tank Pack

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Apollo Smart Tank Pack