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Oil Tank Replacement Wiveliscombe

(photo of original tank)

O M Hines Ltd carried out an oil tank replacement for a landlord’s property just outside of Wiveliscombe, in Ford Village. The tenants reported a strong smell of oil when near oil tank.
This caused concern as most of the tank was being covered by the hedge. 
On a prompt inspection from a qualified member of the team, the free site survey revealed that the single skinned 2500L tank had multiple splits on the inner side.

Our recommendations included replacing the oil tank to a slightly smaller 2000ITE Harlequin Bunded tank, on discussion it was more appropriate for the use/need of the property. Secondly, we advised that the stand be replaced as it was no longer fit for purpose and was subsiding on one side. The base for a oil tank is equally as important as the tank its self, providing stability for the weight pressure within the tank, otherwise splits in the tank may appear from a uneven disruption of pressure. 

The main image shows our installation of the 2000ITE Harlequin Bunded oil Tank, on a new concrete base. Looking much neater and up to date on current regulations.