Waste Oil Tanks 
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Call or email us for best tank prices and availability 
As Harlequin stockists we stock a large range of bunded oil tanks ready for sale, we can also include local delivery within 3 > 5 days. Call or email today for our price and availability. We will normally be back in touch within 1 working day.
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350 Litre Bunded Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB350
Height: 1,300mm
Diameter: 980mm
Weight: 48kg
Capacity: 333 litres

Cement Base Length: 1,580mm
Cement Base Width: 1,580mm

650 Litre Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB650
Height: 1,440mm
Length: 1,715mm
Width: 670mm
Weight: 110kg
Capacity: 645 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,315mm
Cement Base Width: 1,270mm

1000 Litre Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB1000
Height: 1,525mm
Length: 2,150mm
Width: 710mm
Weight: 135kg
Capacity: 1,003 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,750mm
Cement Base Width: 1,310mm

1200 Litre Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB1200
Height: 1,055mm 
Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1600mm
Weight: 130kg
Capacity: 1,251 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,500mm
Cement Base Width: 2,200mm

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2000 Litre Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB2000
Height: 1,520mm
Length: 2,360mm
Width: 1,320mm
Weight: 185kg
Capacity: 2005 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,960mm
Cement Base Width: 1,920mm

2500 Litre Waste Oil Tank - Harlequin ORB2500
Height: 1,575mm
Length: 2,460mm
Width: 1,435mm
Weight: 215kg
Capacity: 2,442 litres

Cement Base Length: 3,060mm
Cement Base Width: 2,035mm