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Emergency Call Out – Oil Leak – Oil tank replacement

(Photo of a team member pumping oil out of cracked tank)

Summer 2022 during the heat wave we received a call on our emergency line from a new customer based outside of Taunton. The tank had just been filled with heating oil, the pressure revealed splits which shortly after started to leak.

Within 40 minutes of the call O M Hines Ltd responded and attended the site, after discussion with customer it was decided that we would pump the 2500L of heating oil above the crack to avoid any contamination. We then advised customers that the redundant oil tank was being supported poorly by the current stand. Our suggestion to create a base that complies OFTEC regulations the correct distance away from the house. This was a positive outcome for the customer as it re-opened an exciting path around the house. 

O M Hines Ltd.’s digger was used to create a level within the bank, we then created a retaining wall to hold back the soil. A new pipeline was trenched to the new tank position. A new 2500ITE which was the perfect size for all the oil saved within the emergency call out. It is important to us as a company to create the most cost-effective solution for you as the customer. We always try our best to find the most appropriate location while working within your budget and within OFTEC regulations. 

(Photo of new base with a new surrounding brick work)