Oil Tank Maintenance 
Annual Check-up
We provide an annual oil tank maintenance check-up service to ensure the life span of your tank. During these inspections our team will be able to foresee any issues early.
Recommendations and advice can be given from our Oftec registered engineer.

Gauge, Valves & Outlet Renewal 
Often due to these vital parts being outside in the elements it can lead to rusting, leaking, and seizing, causing a shutdown of the oil supply or an oil leak. Our team can advise you on your next step, to get your oil tank back up and running as soon as possible.

Water and Sludge Removal 
Often the two main causes for water infiltrating your tank are condensation and rainwater. Condensation occurs when the interior of your oil tank is cooler than the exterior, which often happens in the summer months.

We recommend bunded oil tanks as these create another barrier to protect against water infiltration and oil leaks which tend to occur in older tanks, often being single skinned. It is recommended to change your tanks every 20 years due to holes, cracks and poor seals which may occur within an older tank. Sludge is created after many years of build-up of dirt, rust, oxidation, and bacteria, which resided in the bottom of the tank when the oil settles. We are happy to visit the site and give advice, to avoid water and sludge damage to your oil tank, pipeline and potentially boiler.

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