Diesel Fuel Station
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As Harlequin stockists we stock a large range of bunded oil tanks ready for sale, we can also include local delivery within 3 > 5 days. Call or email today for our price and availability. We will normally be back in touch within 1 working day.
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1300 Litre Diesel Dispensers
 - Deso V1340CDD
Diameter: 1410mm
Height: 1740mm
Weight: 125KG
Capacity: 1300 litres

2350 Litre Diesel Dispensers
 - Deso V2350CDD
Diameter: 1700mm
Height: 1850mm
Weight: 180KG
Capacity: 2300 litres

3500 Litre Diesel Dispensers
- Deso V3500CDD
Diameter: 2120mm
Height: 1,930mm
Capacity: 3,553 litres
Weight: 205kg

5000 Litre Diesel Dispensers 
Diameter: 2450mm
Height: 1950mm
Capacity: 5000 litres
Weight: 280kg

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9400 Litre Diesel Dispensers
- Deso V9400DD
Diameter: 2800mm
Height: 2800mm
Capacity: 9400 litres
Weight: 450kg

1550 Litre Diesel Dispensers
- Deso H1550CDD
Length: 2000mm
Height: 1500mm
Width: 950mm
Capacity: 1550 litres
Weight: 190kg

1235 Litre Diesel Dispensers
- Deso H1235CDD
Length: 1900mm
Width: 1250mm
Height: 1600mm
Weight: 165Kg
Capacity: 1235 litres

2500 Litre Diesel Dispensers 
- Deso H2500CDD
Length: 2300mm
Width: 1250mm
Height: 1450mm
Weight: 190Kg
Capacity: 2500 litres