Emergency Oil Leak?
Call Now: 01984 623 424
We offer emergency call outs 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any emergency oil tank situation in Somerset and Devon. Visit our emergency call out site for more information.

1. We will be there as quick as possible
As soon as we receive your call our experienced Oil Tank Specialist will be on their way to stop and secure your Oil Tank Emergency.
2. We will store your Remaining Oil
Once our Oil Tank Specialists get to your property where your Oil Tank is located, we will pump your remaining heating oil in to a holding tank that we will leave at your property until a new oil tank has been installed.
3. Quote a new Oil Tank with no obligation
As we are already at your property we would be happy to give you a quote for a new oil tank install.
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Emergency Call Out – Oil Leak – Oil tank replacement

(Photo of a team member pumping oil out of cracked tank)Summer 2022 during the heat wave we received a call on our emergency line from a new customer ...

Latest Work


EMERGENCY OIL TANK CALL OUT – OIL LEAKNew Oil Tank Installation and oil tank removal. O M Hines Ltd received a call from Mr H on our emergency n...

Oil Tank Emergency


Emergency Oil Tank Call OutO M Hines Ltd received an Emergency Oil Tank Call Out call from Mr P.  Mr P informed us that his Titan 1225 single skin oil...