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As Harlequin stockists we stock a large range of bunded oil tanks ready for sale, we can also include local delivery within 3 > 5 days. Call or email today for our price and availability. We will normally be back in touch within 1 working day.

Bunded ITE Range  

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650 Litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 650ITE
Length: 1,715mm
Width: 670mm
Height: 1,330mm
Weight: 116KG
Brimful Capacity: 673 litres

1000 Litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1000ITE
Length: 2,150mm
Width: 690mm
Height: 1,420mm
Weight: 132KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,055 litres

1100 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1100ITE
Length: 1,880mm
Width: 890mm
Height: 1,595mm
Weight: 132KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,097 litres

1200 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1200ITE
Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1,600mm
Height: 950mm
Weight: 128KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,317 litres
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1225 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1225ITE
Length: 2,110mm
Width: 840mm
Height: 1525mm
Weight: 150KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,248 litress

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1300 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1300ITE
Length: 2,100mm
Width: 950mm
Height: 1,540mm
Weight: 168KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,344 litres

1400 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1400ITE
Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1,250mm
Height: 1,420mm
Weight: 135KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,452 litres

1450 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 1450ITE
Height: 1,590mm
Diameter: 1,540mm
Weight: 112KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,498 litres
2000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 2000ITE
Length: 2,360mm
Width: 1,320mm
Height: 1,415mm
Weight: 180KG
Brimful Capacity: 2,092 litres
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2500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 2500ITE
Length: 2,460mm
Width: 1,435mm
Height: 1,470mm
Weight: 210KG
Brimful Capacity: 2,571 litres
3500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 3500ITE
Length: 2,450mm
Width: 1,770mm
Height: 1,890mm
Weight: 265KG
Brimful Capacity: 3,471 litres
5400 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 5400ITE
Diameter: 2,575mm
Height: 2,125mm
Weight: 325KG
Brimful Capacity: 5,307 litres

7500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 7500ITE
Length: 3,155mm
Width: 2,305mm
Height: 3,020mm
Brimful Capacity: 7,697litres
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9250 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 9250ITE
Length: 3,140mm
Width: 2,510mm
Height: 2,820mm
Weight: 600KG
Brimful Capacity: 9250 Litres

Dimond Range

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1000 Litre Super Slim Harlequin  1000 SSL
Length 1,900mm
Width 640mm
Height 1,465mm
Capacity 999 litres
Weight 120kg

1400 Litre Super Slim Harlequin 1400 SSL
Length 2,110mm
Width 640mm
Height 1,670mm
Capacity 1,435 litres
Weight 200kg 

 1650 Litre Super Slim Harlequin 1650 HZB
Length 2,010mm
Width 1,350mm
Height 1,430mm
Capacity 1,662 litres
Weight 150kg

2700 Litre Super Slim Harlequin 2700 HZB
Length 2,395mm
Width 1,720mm
Height 1,650mm
Capacity 2,796 litres
Weight 190kg

UnderGround Oil Range

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1400 Litre Underground Harlequin 
UGO 1400
Length: 2,020mm
Width: 1,140m
Height: 2,080mm
Weight: 120kg
Capacity: 1,465litres
2500 Litre 
Underground Harlequin 
UGO 2500
Length: 2,400mm
Width: 1,350mm
Height: 2,280mm
Weight: 150kg
Capacity: 2,655 litres
3200 Litre Underground Harlequin 
UGO 3200
Length: 3,250mm
Width: 1,350mm
Height: 2,280mm
Weight: 200kg
Capacity: 3,700 litres
1400 Litre 
Double Walled Underground Harlequin 
UGD 1400
ength: 2,000mm
Width: 1,250mm
Height: 2,010mm
Weight: 220kg
Capacity: 1,465 litres
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2500 Litre 
Double Walled Underground Harlequin  UGD 2500
Length: 2,450mm
Width: 1,400mm
Height: 2,270mm
Weight: 300kg
Capacity: 2,655 litres


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