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Temporary Oil Storage
O M Hines Temporary oil tanks are always installed by oftec registered engineers.
This is a temporary bunded oil storage tank and temporary oil feed pipe we installed foe a customer while works were being carried out on their existing after they unfortunately had a tank leak on the existing single skin plastic. Their front garden was very small, so we had limited space, we created a temporary concrete stand to maintain the correct hight and so the tank was level and well supported.
Often when your existing oil tank fails the quickest way to continue with hot water/heating within your home is to set up a temporary oil storage tank and oil supply line to keep your oil-fired appliances running. We often work alongside insurance companies and as part of their procedure before their investigations work begins we can set up a temporary oil storage tank and also oil supply line to keep you warm in your home while there investigation work begins. This also means you are able to maintain the storage of your valuable heating oil and once works are complete this can be transferred back into your new bunded oil tank on its new base or stand. One this has happened we will remove all temporary equipment and leave the garden as it was before.