Oil Tank Installation

New Oil Tank Installation and oil tank removal. O M Hines Ltd received a call from Mrs B.  Mrs B informed us that her oil tank has split and was leaking oil.  Our team attended site within the hour as an emergency call out.  We removed the bulk of the oil to prevent the leak from causing anymore damage. We stored the oil safely on site. 

Upon inspection of the site we noticed the stand was in very poor condition. The tank had been incorrectly supported for years and the supports had moved considerably.  As a result of this amount of movement we knew this was the cause of the problem. 

We provided Mrs B with a quotation to dispose of the old waste oil tank, supply a new 1400ITE Bunded Tank and to upgrade the stand using cast concrete lintels and slabs.

Our experienced engineers  carried out all of the above works within 2 days and Mrs B did not go without heating during this cold time of year! 

Please call the office on 01984 623 424 if you would like a free site visit and free quotation to replace your existing oil tank 🙂