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Diesel Fuel Station
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1400 Litre Bunded Fuel Point - Harlequin 1400FP
Length: 1,610mm
Width: 1,570mm
Height: 1,880mm
Weight: 150KG
Capacity: 1,487 litres

Cement Base Length: 2180mm
Cement Base Width: 2180mm
2500 Litre Diesel Tank - Harlequin 2500FP
Length: 2,070mm
Width: 2020mm
Height: 1,880mm
Weight: 200KG
Capacity: 2,716 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,690mm
Cement Base Width: 2,690mm

3500 Litre Diesel Tank - Harlequin 3500FP
Diameter: 2,200mm
Height: 1,930mm
Capacity: 3,553 litres
Weight: 250kg

5000 Litre Diesel Tank - Harlequin 5000FP
Height: 2,270mm
Length: 2,800mm
Width: 2,220mm
Weight: 380kg
Capacity: 5,307 litres

Cement Base Length: 3,400mm
Cement Base Width: 2,800mm

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7500 Litre Diesel Tank - Harlequin 7500FS
Nominal Capacity : 7,683 Litres
Brim-full Capacity : 8,088 Litres
Length : 3,115mm
Width : 2,305mm
Height : 3,020mm
Weight : 550kgs

10000 Litre Bunded Diesel Tank - Harlequin 10000FS
Length: 1,900mm
Width: 1,250mm
Height: 1,420mm
Weight: 135KG
Brimful Capacity: 1,452 litres

430 Litre Bunded Transfuel - Harlequin
Length: 1010mm
Width: 1260mm
Height: 1090mm
Weight: 110Kg
Capacity: 426 litres