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O M Hines Ltd metal Oil Tank Removal Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. We received a call from Mr P from Weston-Super-Mare who had just uncovered an old metal oil tank in his garden whilst removing an overgrown area after living in the property for a number of years. It was a shock to discover this oil tank which was rusty and falling apart and on the verge of splitting further. The tank was still containing approx. 200L of old oil.

O M Hines quoted via email using the images provided by Mr P for us to attend site and cut up the tank in situ. We managed to remove without spilling any oil what-so-ever.  The tank was cut up on site and then disposed of correctly. All hazardous waste was taken to a licensed centre.

Please call the office on 01984 623 424 if you would like a free site visit and free quotation to remove your existing oil tank 🙂